Is a phrase I have yelled often. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to publish the prices. Because of this I have had a ‘No Muss No Fuss’ quoting method since 2016.

With the form on the right please enter your information. What software you are interested in or questions. Also, please include the business address, which, I need to register in the system to generate a quote.

That’s it! Thank you.

Get the conversation started by emailing Info@OptimalDevice.com or using the contact us on the top right of the page.


This Abaqus Token Calculator may be helpful too.

SEO Fodder and links to the software offerings:


3DExperience Quote

Abaqus Quote

Catia Quote

Isight Quote

Tosca Quote

fe-safe Quote


3DExperience Price

Abaqus Price

Catia Price

Isight Price

Tosca Price

fe-safe Price


Cost of 3DExperience

Cost of Abaqus

Cost of Catia

Cost of Tosca

Cost of Isight

Cost of fe-safe

If you are reading all the way down here you are persistent!