Isight: Process Automation and Optimization


Isight is a process automation tool that can talk to many of your favorite design softwares such as CAD, simulation and even Excel. At its core Isight can automate most tasks you could teach a high functioning monkey. The most traditional use is updating a CAD model based on the results of a simulation. However, the workflow can be as crazy as needed with nested loops and many engineering tools.

Once the workflow is setup then Design Of Experiments (DOE) or optimization methods start. At a company named Optimal Device, optimization is near and dear to our heart. Latin Hyper Cubes, Genetic Algorithms, Golden Rule Ratio: best dinner conversation fodder ever.

Once the simulations have run and even while running, Isight has many powerful post processing analytics to help describe the design space. A mathematical model of the space can also be developed.

The complexity can also be incrementally increased and tribal knowledge captured.

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Cool! But can it work with my tools? Below is a list of the tools with direct plugins. Even if your favorite tool isn’t on the list if it can be driven with the command line, text file or any standard programming language like Python then you are good to go.

Boring list of programs. Try using Ctrl+F and searching for (SolidWorks, Ansys…) If you don’t see what you are looking for email a question to and we will check since new components are added regularly.

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