Simulia Community Conference Proceedings May 18–21, 2015 Berlin, Germany

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12 Numerical Analysis to Optimize Peen-Forming Process Parameters Y. Essa, M. Laspalas, E. García, A. Escolán, B. Hernández-Gascón, and F. Martín de la Escalera (Aernnova Engineering Division S.A.)

22 Evaluation of Abaqus XFEM Capabilities for Crack Growth Analysis in Aeronautical Structures Ismael Rivero Arevalo and Javier Gomez-Escalonilla Martin (Airbus Defence and Space)

37 Bird Strike Analysis for Impact-resistant Design of Aircraft Wing Krueger Flap Sebastian Heimbs, Wolfgang Machunze and Gerrit Brand (Airbus Group) Bernhard Schlipf (Airbus Operations GmbH)

48 Use of Abaqus Explicit for Composite Sandwich Impact Damage Prediction during Bird Impact Marwan Al-Khalil (Airbus Operations Ltd.) Richard Rigby and Erkan Kirtil (Airbus)

63 Time Accurate Simulation of Aeroelastic Flap Deployment with Free Play Nicolas Reveles and George Antoun (ATA Engineering, Inc.) James Fort (Dassault Systems SIMULIA Corp.)

75 Failure Analysis of CFRP Tubes with Integrated Rubber Layers Subjected to Transverse Low-velocity Impact Loading Enrico Stelldinger, Arnold Kühhorn and Markus Kober (BTU Cottbus–Senftenberg)

90 New Design of a Pressure Vessel Subjected to Blast Loads Laurence Cousin and Pierre Evrard (CEA/DAM/DIF)

102 Predicting In- and Out-of-plane Damage Evolution in Fiber-reinforced Composites Wouter Wilson (Fokker Landing Gear B.V.)

116 Nested Micromechanical and Structural Models for the Analysis of Discontinous Long-fiber Thermoplastic Composite Materials and Structures M. Hakan Kilic (Greene, Tweed & Co.)

129 An Approach Towards an Optimal Design of Composite Structures Using Abaqus as FE-solver Barbara Goller, Manuel Prackwieser and Manfred Gratt (INTALES GmbH)

144 Methodology for the Analysis of Tolerances in the Assembly Process of a Wing Torsion Box Through FE Simulations Agustín Chiminelli, Ruban Breto Pontaque and Miguel Angel Jimenez (ITAINNOVA) Federico Martín de la Escalera and Luis Lizarduy (AERNNOVA)
160 High Velocity Perforation as a Benchmark Problem for Material Model Validation Vladislav V. Vershinin (Moscow State University of Civil Engineering)

176 Simulation Lifecycle Management in the Real World: Practical Application in PRIME Aerostructures Andres Belles Meseguer (Prime Aerostructures)

188 Modeling of Heat Transfer across Bolted Joints in Abaqus/CAE Volkan Coskun, Emir Ozkokdemir and Bulent Acar (Roketsan Missiles Inc.)

198 Modeling of Forming Process of Composite Materials Based on Thermoplastic Matrix Boris Fedulov, Mark Kantor, Alexander Safonov and Andrey Ushakov (Skolkovo Institute
of Science and Technology)

207 Finite Element Simulation of Thermal Barrier Coatings in Rocket Engines Martin Bäker, Torben Fiedler and Joachim Rösler (Technische Universität Braunschweig)

219 Residual Strength of the Carbon Fiber Panel with Delamination Mikhail Pavlov and Ivan Zharenov (TsAGI – Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute)

235 Shrinkage Modeling of Thermoplastic Wing Rib Nikita Rozin and Ivan Zharenov (TsAGI – Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute) Alexander Safomov and Andrey Ushakov (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology)

242 Analysis of the Carbon Fiber Wing Torsion Box After Low VelocityImpact DamageIvan Zharenov and Mikhail Pavlov (TsAGI)

254 A Simulation Tool for Fatigue Analysis and Lifecycle Prediction Daniel Kujawski, Phani C.R. Sree, Deepak Abburi and Joshua Kuok (Western Michigan University)


267 Elastoplastic Simulations with a Tangential Plasticity Constitutive Model for a Thin Wall Bridge Pier Subjected to Various Non-proportional Cyclic Loading Conditions Hideto Momii (ESTECH Corporation) Seiichiro Tsutsumi and Riccardo Fincato (Joining and Welding Research Institute, Osaka University)

281 Study of Mechanical Compatibility at the Mortar-block Interface in a Heritage Building and Numerical Modeling by Abaqus Hicham Fihri Fassi and Y. Hammou (FSTS) L. Van Parys and T. Descamps (Université de Mons) M. Bideq (ENSA)

291 Improvement and Enhancement of Concrete Damage Plasticity Model Yuji Nikaido, Yoshinori Mihara, Shohei Sawada and Yoshiyuki Takahashi (Kajima Corporation)

303 An Easy Procedure for Anisotropic Non-Linear Behavior of Short-Fiber-Reinforced Plastics Sascha Pazour, Wolfgang Korte and Marcus Stojek (PART Engineering GmbH)

313 Experience and Lessons Learnt from the SMART 2013 Benchmark Maria J. Crespo, Javier Rodriguez, Luis Lacoma, Francisco Martinez and Joaquin Marti (Principia)

327 Advanced Finite Element Analysis of Deep Excavations using Abaqus Yuepeng Dong (Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology) Harvey J. Burd and Guy T. Houlsby (University of Oxford, UK) Andrew J. Whittle (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)

344 Modeling of Confined Inflatable Structures Eduardo Sosa, Choo-Siang Wong and Ever J. Barbero (West Virginia University)


360 Simplified Approaches for Modelling a Sealed and Partly Fluid Filled Container Oswald Valtiner, Daniel Pielmeier, and Claudius Oblasser (ALPLA Werke Alwin Lehner GmbH & Co KG)

375 Modeling the Mechanical Behaviour of Some Complex Polymeric Materials by Relying on the Nonlinear Capability in Abaqus Colmar Wocke (Dow Chemical)

390 Analysis of Material-Related Instability Problems for Inelastic Thin Shells Takaya Kobayashi and Yasuko Mihara (Mechanical Design & Analysis Corporation)

401 Application of Abaqus and Isight Simulation on Corrugated Board and Packaging Arnoud Dekker (Smurfit Kappa)

405 Use of Abaqus/CAE and True-Load™ to Determine External and Internal Loading of a Full Suspension Mountain Bicycle Jay Maas (Trek Bicycle Corporation)


417 Process integration between CAD and CAE applications for Isight based DOE analysis Davide Pinna (Ansaldo Energia) Luca Fattore (Exemplar)

431 Hydraulic Fracturing Simulation for Fracture Networks Stephan Arndt, Tobias Hoeink and Wouter van der Zee (Baker Hughes) Jianhu Nie (formerly of Baker Hughes)

449 Fracture Stability Assessment during SAGD operations using 4D Geomechanical Models Wouter van der Zee and Marc Holland (Baker Hughes)

463 Finite Element Analysis for Post Cracking Design of Thermal Well Cements Jueren Xie (C-FER Technologies)

478 Use of FEA and Radial Basis Functions for Reliability-based Design and Assessment of Tubular Connection Sealability Jueren Xie, Thomas Dessein and Feng Rong (C-FER Technologies)

495 Simulation of Hydraulic Fracturing of Unconsolidated Sands using Fully Coupled Poro-Elastoplastic Models Saurabh Puri, Juan Hurtado and Deepak Datye (Dassault Systèmes Simulia Corp)
Ganesh Dasari, Kevin Searles and Pablo Sanz (ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company)

509 Finite Element Verification of Non-Homogeneous Strain and Stress Fields during Composite Material Testing Lars Pilgaard Mikkelsen (DTU Wind Energy)

520 Advanced Fracture Modeling for Cuttings Re-injection Jorge Garzon, Matias Zielonka, Kevin H. Searles and Pablo Sanz (ExxonMobil Upstream
Research Company)

536 Experimental Validation of Simulation Capabilities for Hydraulic Fractures Propagating in a Porous Medium Jing Ning, Gilbert Kao, Nikolay M. Kostov, Kevin H. Searles, Scott R. Buechler and Pablo F. Sanz (ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company)

546 Dynamic Hydraulic Fracture Modeling for Wellbore Integrity Prediction in a Porous Medium Nikolay Kostov, Jing Ning and Pablo Sanz (ExxonMobil URC)
Shekhar Gosavi (ExxonMobil DC) Piyush Gupta (ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company intern)

555 A Numerical Investigation on the Bedding Resistance of Laterally Displaced Pipelines Tim Gerlach, Martin Achmus and Mandy Narten (Institute for Geotechnical Engineering,
Leibniz University Hanover)

566 Pipe Flexibility Analysis and The Development of PCS – Pipe Calculation System for Abaqus Carlos Eduardo Alvares de Castro e Sousa (RMC Consultoria)

582 Design Optimization of a Curved Fir-Tree Root of Steam Turbine Using Computer Aided Optimization and Finite Element Analysis Shangjiong Tan, Weilin Shu, Gongyi Wang, Kai Cheng, Jiandao Yang (Shanghai Turbine Works Company Ltd)

601 Increasing the efficiency of offshore rigid pipeline lateral buckling assessments using a dedicated GUI and Isight Carlos Charnaux, Graeme Roberts and Samuel Paul (Subsea 7)

621 Finite Element Simulation of Rotary Steerable Drilling Systems Advance Understanding of Damaging Downhole Shock and Vibration Nader Abedrabbo and Liam Lines (Weatherford)

636 Abaqus Analysis Methods on Highly Restrained Pipeline with Soil Berm Formation Shulong Liu, Emil Maschner, Teng Zhang, John Smyth and John Li (Wood Group Kenny)


660 Achieving Higher Productivity on Abaqus Simulations with HPC and Clustering Technologies Pak Lui (HPC Advisory Council)
2015 SIMULIA Community Conference 6


674 Robust and Optimal Strain Gauge Positions for Blade Vibration Testing Piyawan Teufel (ABB Turbo Systems AG) Jan Poland (ABB Corporate Research Center)

691 Prediction of Tin-Whiskers Generation Using Stress and Mass-Diffusion Analysis Takeshi Terasaki (Hitachi, LTd.)

702 Strength and Fatigue Life Analysis of Leaf Springs used in Heavy Duty Trucks Mehmet Bakir, Murat Siktas, Serter Atamer (Mercedes-Benz Turk A.S.)

717 Coupled Analysis of Fracture Mechanics and Piezoelectricity in Active Layers in the Abaqus Code Operated Through the Isight Tool Eugenio Brusa (Politecnico Di Torino) Mehdi Mohammadzadeh Sari (Politecnico Di Torino) Cosima Fiaschi, Mauro Parodi (EXEMPLAR)

727 XFEM Simulation of Radial-Median Crack Evolution in Knoop Indentation of Brittle Materials Felix Rickhey (Sogang University) Jin Haeng Lee (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute) Hyungyil Lee (Sogang University)

742 Evaluation of the Fatigue Strength of a Steel-Aluminum Tapped Thread Joint with Local Concepts Dominic Olveda (Technische Universität Darmstadt)
Ralf Waterkotte (Schaeffler Technologies GmbH & Co. KG)
Matthias Oechsner (TU Darmstadt)

756 Strip Shape Prediction using a Simplified Static Model of a 4-High
Cold Rolling Process
Mario Alberto Bello-Gomez, Martha P. Guerrero-Mata, Luis A. Leduc-Lezama,
Tania P. Berber-Solano (UANL)
Fernando Gonzalez (Ternium Mexico)

768 Validation of Flow Simulation on Abaqus/CEL™
Edgar Ramirez (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM))
Alan Saucedo, Osvaldo Ruiz, Victo Jacobo and Armando Ortiz (Engineering School, UNAM)

782 On the Numerical Implementation of a 3D Fractional Viscoelastic
Constitutive Model
Gioacchino Alotta (University of Palermo – University of Oxford)
Olga Barrera, Alan C. F. Cocks (University of Oxford)
Mario Di Paola (University of Palermo)

795 Hydrogen Embrittlement Mechanisms in Metals: a Modelling Approach
Olga Barrera, Alan C. F. Cocks and Edmund Tarleton (University of Oxford)
2015 SIMULIA Community Conference 7


808 Developing a Constitutive Model for a Highly Deformable Latex Rubber with
Implementations in Lagrangian Frameworks
Christopher Basciano, Marcus Rademacher, Patrick Downie and Anita Bestelmeyer (BD)
Brian Croop (DatapointLabs)
Jorgen Bergstrom (Veryst Engineering LLC)

820 Developing a Finite Element Head Model for Impact Simulation in Abaqus
P. G. Young and R.T. Cotton (Simpleware)
S.M. Qidwai, A. Bagchi and N. Kota (U.S. Naval Research Laboratory)
C. Pearce (Atkins Ltd.)

833 Impact Simulation of a Hearing Aid
Morten Birkmose (Soendergaard GN Resound A/S)

842 FE Modeling of a Flatfoot Deformity for Improving Surgical Planning
Zhongkui Wang and Shinichi Hirai (Ritsumeikan University)
Kan Imai, Masamitsu Kido and Kazuya Ikoma (Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine)


855 IDIADA’s Virtual Proving Ground (VPG) for Durability Analysis
Jordi Arbiol, Xavier Armengol, Jose Antonio Muñoz, Inés Lama and Enric Aramburu

869 Thermal Management of Electronic Devices used in Automotive Safety –
A DoE approach
Vinod Kumar, Vinay Somashekhar and Srivathsa Jagalur (Autoliv India Pvt. Ltd.)

880 Development of a Separator Plate for Valve Bodies in a Vehicle
Automatic Transmission
Harald Rebien, Tobias Tauscher and Rohit Ramkumar (DANA)

894 System Modeling and Simulation at Dana Holding
Frank Popielas (Dana Holding Corp)

904 New Constitutive Model for Woven Thermoplastic Composite Materials
Pieter Volgers (DuPont Performance Polymers)
Helga Kuhlmann and Zhenyu Zhang (DuPont Engineering Technologies)

920 Durability Assessment of Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Cylinder Head
A.H. Guzel, S.Erpolat, and O. Cicekdag (Ford Otosan A.Ş, Turkey)

931 Prediction of Compressive Characteristic of Hat Section High-strength Steel Frame
Taking Bauschinger Effect into Account
Kenji Takada, Masaki Matsuo, and Kenichiro Fukagawa (Honda R&D Co., Ltd.)
Kentaro Sato (JFE Steel Corporation)
Pierre Farahat and Anwer Yasin (Dassault Systèmes K.K.)
Lamine Diallo (Dassault Systèmes Canada Inc.)
Yangwook Choi (Dassault Systèmes Simulia Corp)

949 The Effect of Rubber in Strength Analysis for Strut Insulator Assembly
Hoo-Gwang Lee, Ji-Hoon Kim and Sung-Jin Yoon (Hyundai Motor Company)
2015 SIMULIA Community Conference 8

956 Study on Body Rigidity, Strength and Fatigue Performance for Carbon Fiber
Reinforced Plastics Vehicles
Oh Se-Hee and Son Yu-Na (Hyundai Motor Company)

963 Simulation of Pipe Bending Process with Abaqus
Satoshi Ishikawa (IDAJ Co., Ltd.)
Yoshihiro Ishikawa (SANGO Co., Ltd.)

974 Automated Weight Optimization Process for Automotive Wheel Hub Bearing
Jungho An, Inha Lee, Seungpyo Lee (ILJIN Global Corporation)
Youngmin Cho and Sangkyu Park (Dassault Systèmes SIMULIA)

981 Automated Analysis in CATIA V5
Stephen Wallis (Jaguar Land Rover)

990 Simulation of Fully Coupled Thermo-Mechanical Effects in a Disc Brake Rotor
G.Karunakar, J. Oscroft , R. Taulbut and D. Steward (Jaguar Land Rover Limited)

997 Simulation of Combined Forming and Injection Molding Processes
Timo Mueller and Frank Henning (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT))

1011 Application of Predictive Engineering Tool (Abaqus) to Determine Optimized
Automotive Rubber Door Harness Grommet Design
Praveen Mishra and Dayananda Gowda (Mercedes Benz India R & D Pvt Ltd)

1018 Final Element Simulation of Blankholder’s Lift-off in a Deep Drawing Tool
Using Abaqus/Standard
Krzysztof Swidergal and Marcus Wagner (OTH Regensburg)
Christian Lubeseder, Ingo von Wurmb and Josef Meinhardt (BMW Group)

1024 Strength Assessment of Injection Molded Short-fiber-reinforced
Plastic Components
Wolfgang Korte, Marcus Stojek, Sascha Pazour (PART Engineering)

1034 Simulation Driven Design for Manufacture of a Pressed Composite
Automotive Tailgate
Andy Ngai and Mark Arnold (Penso Consulting)

1047 Brake System Model Reduction for Squeal Noise Study
Samuel Nacivet and Olivier Fazio (PSA Peugeot Citroën)
Jean-Jacques Sinou (Ecole Centrale de Lyon)

1062 Application of Coupled Eulerian Lagrangian Approach in Finite Element
Simulation of Friction Stir Welding
N. K. Sanjeev and B. P. Ravikiran (Robert Bosch Engineering and Business
Solutions Limited)

1080 Innovative Anisotropic Material Modeling Approach for
Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics
Recep Yaldiz (SABIC)
Gertjan Kloosterman (Dassault Systèmes B.V. 3DS/SIMULIA)
2015 SIMULIA Community Conference 9

1091 Topology Optimization of a Motorcycle Swing Arm Under Service Loads
using Abaqus and Tosca
Roberto Saponelli (Sacmi/Protesa)
Massimo Damasio (Exsemplar)

1102 Consideration of Manufacturing Pre-history Influence of Fatigue Life
of Sheet Metal Formed Automotive