Installing Simulia 2016 Tutorial

With Abaqus 2016 the Simulia products have been aligned to the same release cycle and naming convention. This is great news for workflows that use multiple products. The next notable difference is that the installation process has been completely revamped. It’s not difficult and this tutorial will take you through installing Abaqus 2016 on Windows 10.

In this tutorial I will only mention the steps where there are options or inputs. Please email me or post a comment if you have a useful tip as well.

  1. Obtain license keys and media download emails
    1. You will receive 2 emails
      1. License keys with a subject of ‘License keys / Service access – LKO*’
        1. Download the ‘*.LICZ’ file
      2. Media order with a subject of ‘Media Order MO*’
        1. Click on ‘link’ in the email on this line ‘To download the software, please follow this link.’
        2. Login with your DSPassport
        3. Download all of the files. I typically have 2-3 downloads going at a time.
        4. Depending on your license stack you may have downloads for more products in addition to your license server and Abaqus such as Isight, Tosca, and Fe-Safe
        5. DownloadAbaqus2016Media
  2. Unzip Media
    1. Unzip all files into the same directory just like previous installations
    2. Personally I use PeaZip
    3. You will end up with 2 folders
      1. AM_DOC_SIM_EstPrd.AllOS
      2. AM_SIM_Abaqus_Extend.AllOS
  3. Install DSLS
    1. Install the license server on the machine that you created a TargetID for.
    2. Run: extract_dir\AM_SIM_Abaqus.AllOS\1\DS_License_Server\1\SetupDSLSmsi.exe
    3. Select defaults
    4. Image 001
    5. Open License Administration Tool ‘C:\Program Files\Dassault Systemes\DS License Server\win_b64\code\bin\DSLicSrv.exe’
    6. License>Enroll>Browse to the ‘*.LICZ’ file downloaded earlier.
    7. You can also install the Administration tool on the computers which will be running the software so you can track down who is hogging all the licenses (we know who you are…).
  4. Install Documentation
    1. Run: extract_dir\AM_DOC_SIM_EstPrd.AllOS\1\DOC_SIMULIA_Abaqus_fe-safe\1\Abaqus_2016\setup.exe
    2. Choose HTML and PDF
    3. Abaqus web server
    4. Open  link to the documentation and save it as a favorite in your browser
    5. Image 002
  5. Install
    1. Abaqus Services (Solvers)
      1. Run: extract_dir\AM_SIM_Abaqus.AllOS\1\3DEXPERIENCE_AbaqusSolver\Windows64\1\setup.exe
      2. Choose all components
    2. Abaqus CAA APIs
      1. Run: extract_dir\AM_SIM_Abaqus.AllOS\1\CAA_3DEXPERIENCE_AbaqusSolver\Windows64\1\setup.exe
      2. Choose all components
    3. Abaqus/CAE
      1. Run: extract_dir\AM_SIM_Abaqus.AllOS\1\SIMULIA_Abaqus_CAE\Windows64\1\setup.exe
      2. Specify location of Abaqus solver installation C:\Program Files\Dassault Systemes\SimulationServices\V6R2016x
      3. DSLS> Scroll down and enter your license server information: ServerName:4085
      4. This screen gets garbled, if you use the scroll bar and go to the bottom it clears up
      5. Documentation location: http://ComputerName:2080/v2016
    4. Isight
      1. Run: extract_dir\AM_SIM_Abaqus_Extend.AllOS\2\SIMULIA_Isight\Windows64\1\setup.exe
      2. I chose not to configure TomEE which is the default setting.
      3. Image 006
      4. License Server Name: ServerName
      5. License Server Port Number: 4085
      6. Path to documentation: C:\Program Files\Dassault Systemes\B418doc
    5. Tosca
      1. Run: extract_dir\AM_SIM_Abaqus_Extend.AllOS\2\SIMULIA_Tosca\Windows64\1\setup.exe
      2. I do not have StarCCM+ or Fluent so I didn’t install Tosca Fluid
      3. Image 007
      4. I selected Abaqus as the only interface
      5. Image 008
      6. Abaqus solver executable: C:\Program Files\Dassault Systemes\SimulationServices\V6R2016x\win_b64\code\bin\ABQLauncher.exe
      7. Abaqus Custom Environment File: C:\Program Files\Dassault Systemes\SimulationServices\V6R2016x\win_b64\SMA\site\custom_v6.env
      8. DSLS: Scroll down: ServerName:4085
      9. Documentation location: http://ComputerName:2080/v2016/DSSIMULIA_Established_homepage_English.htm
    6. Fe-safe
      1. Run: extract_dir\AM_SIM_Abaqus_Extend.AllOS\3\SIMULIA_fe-safe\1\windows\setup.exe
      2. Defaults>Continue
      3. Image 009
      4. Open fe-safe and enter Network License: ServerName

Wahoo!! All done. Now it’s time to play with your new toys!

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Thank you.

Rob Stupplebeen